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The city of Haldensleben in the German state of Saxony- Anhalt intends to use the rolling Jobtruck to promote the region and attract labor. The Deep in the interior is a curved panel that projects an interactive animated film.

The software that drives this presentation was created by the Haldensleben single Institute for Factory Operation and Automation IFF in Magdeburg and allows guests to take a virtual tour of the region.

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Visitors can select image films about companies, apartments and daycare centers. Twelve companies in the city have jointly financed the project.

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To showcase local ingenuity, the truck was remodeled with materials and services provided by the participating companies. The welding haldensleben single painting work was also carried out with the help of trainees haldensleben single at these companies. Not surprisingly, the Jobtruck has many haldensleben single and unique stories to tell.

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The main idea is to retain the character of a furniture van. In addition to evoking the notion of a move, the interior remodeling also has practical planning features.

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All objects haldensleben single flexibly installed with tension belts to allow the arrangements to be easily varied. The interior is fully illuminated with high-performance LED lights, which can be adjusted to adapt to daylight conditions. The cables were laid below the floor panels to create an interior without cable conduits. This light and inspiring space serves as a cinema and a meeting room all rolled into one.

The mixture of high-quality materials, indirect lighting and improvised elements gives the Jobtruck an inviting münster leute kennenlernen. Share on.

(HD) Bahnübergang "Klinggraben" in Haldensleben mit Desiro