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Life[ edit ] Barth was one out of six children born to a family in Berlin-Mariendorf.

Raised Catholiche served as an altar boy in his youth, and his parents sent him to a private Catholic school. Barth completed an apprenticeship as a telecommunications electrician at Siemens in Berlin.

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Thereafter, inhe started studying to become an actor. Since the beginning of he has been on the road with his stage show, Männer sind Schweine, Frauen aber auch! InBarth had his comedy breakthrough with "Männer sind Schweine, Frauen aber auch!

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InBarth published a "dictionary for men to understand women" called "Deutsch-Frau, Frau-Deutsch". The dictionary was also sold internationally in various countries such as South Korea, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Japan and Poland.

mario barth wieder single

The DVD reached the number 3 position on the German album-charts, and has reached platinum status for selling over two million times. The following year, on 16 February, Barth started his new program, Männer sind primitiv, aber glücklich!

mario barth wieder single

On 12 July Barth established a new world record in the category, "live-comedy with the largest audience", as he performed in front of 70, people at Olympic Stadium in Berlin, breaking the previous record of 15, comedy-visitors held mario barth wieder single the American comedian Chris Rock at a show in London. With this performance Barth also published his single, "Mensch Berlin", which he recorded with Paul Kuhn.

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Männer sind primitiv aber glücklich! Mario Barth was selected out of candidates as the "most embarrassing man" of Berlin by the Berlin journal, Tip, at the end of In Mario Barth produced his own first movie, the comedy Männersache, where he elaborated on the relationship between man and woman, similar to his comedy routines.

The audio book Männersache came out in April of the same year. On 2 May Barth started up his new mario barth wieder single program entitled Männer sind peinlich, Frauen manchmal auch!. In September the matching live CD was released.

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In March the CD compilation Die Trilogie was released, which included live on-stage performances of his programs Männer sind Schweine, Frauen aber auch! Later that year, in December, Barth registered the quotation, "Nichts reimt sich auf Uschi", as mario barth wieder single protected expression, although this quotation was used by Oliver Kalkofe and Dietmar Wischmeyer, as presenters of the show Frühstyxradio at Radio FFN.

Barth lives in both Berlin and Düsseldorf, where his entertainment company is located.

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InBarth established a new world record: Barth managed to increase the record he had set in as the German comedian in the category "live-comedy with the largest audience" with an audience of ",".

Guinness World Records judge Eva Norris had observed the world record attempt.

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